Gift Guide for Toddlers : All Less Than $100

Gift Guide for Toddlers


Amazon Prime is pretty much my saving grace when it comes to Christmas gifts. I mean, what busy mama has time to leisurely Christmas shop? High fives if you do because this mama has no time for that. I’ve put together my list of top toddler gift ideas for less than $100. And the best part is, there’s still plenty of time to order these gifts and get them under the tree! All the items listed below are either on our list, on Santa’s sleigh or we already own them (read: toddler approved!).

  1. Teepee // We purchased a teepee for the playroom last Christmas and it has been such a fun addition. I’m loving this teepee coming in at less than $50.
  2. Wooden Name Puzzle  // What a fun way to teach your toddler how to spell their own name!
  3. Melissa + Doug Cleaning Set // The twins love this! We’ve gotten so much joy out of it. Teaching them to clean up early? Sounds like a win-win to me!
  4. Melissa + Doug Car Carrier Truck Set // We are in the phase of being obsessed with trucks and cars. This less than $20 gift is sure to be a home run.
  5. Bean Bag // This is on our list this year. We have the Everywhere Chairs but this bean bag seems like a fun alternative.
  6. Wooden Table and Chair Set // We recently purchased a wooden table and chair set and it’s become such a staple for us. Meals and snacks are served at this table and many fun activities take place here too.
  7. Melissa + Doug Food Set // Can you tell I’m a BIG fan of Melissa + Doug toys? Wooden toys are so much safer than plastic and mostly all M + D toys are wooden.  These are fun for any toddler interested in kitchen play. Spoiler Alert: Not the last Melissa + Doug set on this list! I also love this cooking set.
  8. Tea Set // Made by Green Toys, this set is one of my favorites and it’s made out of recycled materials. This set has provided hours of play for the twins. Score!
  9. Melissa + Doug Mixer and Baking Set // The working mixer on this set makes it a favorite.
  10. Leapfrog Leaptop // We received these as birthday presents and they are awesome for the car. We don’t do iPads with the twins so these are a solid alternative that so far, has kept them entertained on longer car rides.
  11. Fisher Price Laugh + Record Microphone // We are giving these to the twins for Christmas this year. Can’t wait to see how they react!
  12. Shopping Buggy // I feel like every child needs one of these! We have two because they fought over the first one. Haha! These are fun for sound walkers.
  13. Baby Doll // We’ve purchased a few baby dolls but none that are “break the bank” status–I just don’t think they are old enough yet. This is a sweet baby similar to one we have.
  14. Basketball Set // A playroom staple for boys and girls. We have fun with this (parents included)!
  15. Melissa + Doug Piano // We recently received this as a gift and so far, they have enjoyed it. Great for exploring music and sound.

I hope these toddler gift ideas are helpful. One thing is for sure, you aren’t going broke over these gifts and none are super noisy! Hop on over to Amazon and click your way to a Merry Christmas. Need some more gift inspiration? Don’t miss my Gift Guide for the New Mama! Happy shopping, y’all and Merry Christmas!

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