New Year, New Focus

Welcome 2019 on letter board

No matter if you are a resolution making person or not, there’s something promising and refreshing about the start of a new year. Don’t you agree? Personally, I don’t make resolutions but instead, pick a few things I want to focus on in the months to come. I feel like there’s so much pressure that comes with “resolutions” and the truth is, very few people actually carry them out past the first quarter of the year. For me,  identifying a few things to focus on seems more realistic and bite sized. Below are a few tasks and overarching lifestyle changes I’m focusing on for the next three months. We’ll see how far I get!


  1. Less screen time. This is probably on the list of every parent out there. In this digital world, it’s hard. Really hard. But, I’m going to make a conscious effort to put my phone down when spending time with my family.
  2. Be intentional and more organized. I’ve talked before about being more intentional with my time and I’m carrying that over in to 2019. Learning to say no more and being protective of my free time is not only important to me but also imperative when it comes to achieving optimal well being. As for the organizational part, I’m already a pretty organized person, however, there is always room for improvement. I’m hyper organized in some areas of my life and more lax in other areas. With twins (or kids in general), it’s nearly impossible to have it together all the time but striving for more balance is my goal.
  3. Potty train the twins. YIKES. This has been on my list for a while but I’m looking to them for the right time. We tried a few months ago and one twin (our girl) was ready but the other was not. So we decided to wait. And that’s ok! All signs point to everyone being ready so we are in the beginning stages of tackling this now. I’ll share our progress as we go.
  4. Go to bed earlier. I’m not sure if this is realistic or not but I’m going to try. Once the twins go down for the night, I kick it in to high gear prepping for the next day, tidying up, meal prepping, laundry, tending to emails and social media, etc. All that leaves very little time for me and most nights I’m crawling in to bed between midnight and 1 a.m. I’ve always been a night owl but the late nights are taking a toll. I’ve got to do better with this.


So there’s my list for the next few months. Even the slightest bit of improvement is moving in the right direction! What are you focusing on in 2019? Did you make resolutions?

Happy New Year, Y’all!


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