Gift Guide for the New Mama

gift guide new mom mama holiday

We all have a new mama in our lives (or maybe it’s you!) and there’s no doubt she would appreciate a gift she wouldn’t purchase for herself. Most new moms aren’t shopping for themselves anyway! Here’s my round up of gifts I think a new mama would really love.

12 Gift Ideas for the New Mama

  1. Cozy Chic Robe by Barefoot Dreams. I cannot tell y’all how soft and luxurious the Barefoot Dreams products are. We have a few and they are unbelievable soft.
  2. Some days are harder than others when adjusting to motherhood. And sometimes, a pretty pair of earrings can change your perspective on life! Even if you’re just around the house with your new babe (or babes), these sparkly earrings will add a touch of special to a normal day.
  3. I’d be remiss if I didn’t add one of our beloved Savannah made products to the list. This Savannah Bee whipped honey is heaven in a jar. It’s delicious on its own, added to your hot tea or on a biscuit. A delightful treat just for her!
  4. I love just about any of the Nest candles but the grapefruit scent is one of my favorites. Its clean, crisp scent does wonders for lifting spirits. I like to put scents like this in areas that need some attention–such as a cluttered room that needs tidying. The clean scent is inspiring and helps to deter feelings of being overwhelmed.
  5. And here I am talking about Barefoot Dreams again. This cozy blanket is perfect for snuggling with baby.
  6. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about these pillow cases. A total splurge for a pillow case but one that seems worth it, especially for those of us trying to maximize our sleeping hours and minimize our prep time in the mornings.
  7. When Mama is home, she’s on her feet so why not gift her these slippers that are sure to feel toasty and luxurious?
  8. There’s nothing like soaking in a warm bath to rinse away the day’s stresses, am I right? These bath fizzies are my favorite. Locally made in Savannah and sure to whisk you away to relaxation.
  9. As a new mom, I found myself ditching the purse for a small clutch that could be tossed in the diaper bag among all the baby essentials. This sleek clutch is not only durable but also well sized to fit in a diaper bag yet, easy to carry on its own for a quick errand or date night. I also love this one.
  10. Personalized jewelry is always a good idea and there are so many options like this necklace found on etsy. There are literally thousands to choose from.
  11. Lake Pajamas. Need I say more? Like Kissy Kissy but for grown ups. Lots of maternity and nursing options too. These are high on my wish list this year.
  12. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a pretty frame like this one. She’s sure to have some sweet pictures of her new bundle she wants to frame.



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