Watermelon Popsicle Recipe

Nothing quite says summertime like fresh watermelon. It’s pretty much the epitome of the season and most definitely a staple in our home this time of year. Watermelon is probably my favorite summer fruit. I have so many fond childhood memories of eating watermelon on the dock. My brother and I would collect our slices from inside the dock house and carry them right down to the dock, letting the screen door slam behind us. We’d devour the slices our Poppie cut and we took great joy in spitting the seeds in the river! Afterwards, we’d jump off the dock to wash off all the watermelon juice that ran down our faces and bellies. Those were the good ole days. The twins carry on the tradition but they are spoiled because now we buy seedless watermelons. 😆

Several weeks ago I shared my latest popsicle concoction on instagram and I finally found the time to post the recipe, just in time for the peak of watermelon season!  The twins LOVE these and it seems every time I turn around, they are begging me to make some. See below for the full recipe.

This recipe is not only easy but I’ll bet you have all three (that’s right, just three ingredients) of these summer staples in your fridge right now.


3 cups cubed watermelon

1 cup strawberries (fresh or frozen)

1 lime


Combine watermelon and strawberries in a blender along with the juice and zest of the lime. Blend it up and pour into popsicle molds. Freeze for at least four hours. Enjoy!

watermelon strawberry lime popsicleIt’s also just as easy to make these into boozy popsicles for the big kids too. 😉 Just add a few shots of your favorite alcohol. I’ve used tequila (my favorite) and I’ve also used vodka. Both turned out great. The perfect refresher for those hot summer nights!

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